I Am You; You Are Me

The phrase I Am You; You Are Me has been a big theme of today:  As a star seed hybrid, my ancestors developed with a common family member of the ape family but also the lizard kingdom or Martians as I put it.

Scientists purposes the idea that there used to be a paradise on Mars.  Well not that there was paradise but signs of a nuclear war happened there.  People in the spiritual community have the theory of a paradise in Mars and Martians otherwise known as Archons ruined it with their constant fighting.  

So Step 1 is Archons ruin Mars with the Luciferian Project with and came to Earth during the time of Atlantis and slowly breed with the humans.  More on this later.

I feel like I was there.  I was somehow responsible for this chao.  I’ll talk more on this in the future.  

I also feel like maybe I am Archangel Michael in the higher realm or some part of him is inside of me.  This is still weird.  Even weirder to try to explain.  Really I should just keep this to myself but this is just so cool.

At the end of the day both light and darkness are one.  The Law Of One.  Imagine this.  Jesus is face to face with the most vilest person ever.  Both recite at the same time I Am You; You Are Me.  At the end of the day, regardless of what path we travel, we are all children of God and perhaps we just experiment with both love and fear in both reincarnation to better learn and have fun.

It’s like playing Infamous.  1st round you’re the good guy.  2nd time you’re the bad guy or vice versa.  But hey, I love you regardless of what you do.


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