Song of Promise- Just Light

You take your money

Shove it up your ass

I’ll burn it to crisps

While I pray across the land

I believe in freedom
I believe in hope
I believe the Israel
Will unite against these joke

This is the promise Song
Of a promise land
With beautiful joy
Ain’t no slave to no alien race
Who believes that fear is power
False evidence appearing real
Never makes a difference
The love of the lord
Always make a difference

So I pray
Not to a customer service representative
In the sky
But to myself
Pray to the vibe all around
The energy all around
Quantum Physics Logic
Everything is energy ya clown
Life is just a dream
Flow by

The brain is nothing without the heart
The heart still beats when thought cease
I speak with the deceased
I rose a holy treat
Make my way through hell
To give you nigga the feast
Don’t worry about the beast
I slayed that monster in the streets
With the Lord’s help

What do you do when all your heroes are fake?
Fuck the fame I just have a message

(Paused repeat)

The truth ain’t always pretty
It’s time to stop living a lie
Focus on love and multiply
If you outnumbered the enemy
Nine to one
You could make a change
In this game of simulation
Running through
Life is just a dream my dude

Toltec Wisdom at it’s best
Gotta run like Sonic man
Gotta run for hope
Never stop keep on going bro
You can fight for change
You can feed the starving man
You can do it bro
You know you got this
Angels got your back
you know you got this


I just have a message
You, son of God
I just have a message
You, daughter of God

Are you not the expression of God?
Are you not the expression of a Goddess?
Are you not the divine itself?

You know you are
So stop fooling around


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