Prophecy – Just Light

Descendant of the lizard king.     Descendants of the fallen ones
Descendants of the Israelites
Feeling like the chosen one

Fuck Yolo
At a continuous journey
Seeking redemption
Trying get that glory
You live this life
Reincarnating with anx
Hold on you
Challenges that set you thru
I’m like enough dude
Going live with the veils off
Time to live like the higher self
No limits on
Just going full force
Like you a speed racer
So obedient
Like you a speed taker
Acting like Neo
A red pill taker
Fighting for freedom
Like an avenger
All complaints
Goes to my manger
Haters so busy hating
That they forget to enjoy life
They forgot the law of one
They acting like foolish dogs
Like what’s up?


Shout out to reptilians
Shout out to the fallen
Shout out to anybody struggling
Just gotta show them love

The struggle started when you decided to lived from fear
Peace to the all Israelites your freedom coming near
Don’t let the money fool you
These entertainer are crying on the inside
You stick your finger and blaming
These guys are like helpless babies

Have you never seen Spy Kids?
Well the Games like Spy Kids
They’ll mess with you
Making you a puppet
Signing a deals
Like selling your face
0 to 100



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