Annunaki & Other ET

A lot of people usually from the African descendant are waking up to the fact that they aren’t from Earth.  Although they refer to themselves as Ahmen without however mentioning the name Annunaki with Ahmen.  Only a very few people know this.  As a matter of fact, since Annunaki come from Planet X which is the 1st oldest planet in existence.  The 1st created by the divine source that would make the West Indies or anybody with ancestors to the Annunaki tribe members of the oldest race.
However, other energic entities have grew alone the Annunaki.  East Indies for example belong to the Plaides star seed tribe.  Besides that, even felines are said to belong to other star systems.  Hence why they had giant cat sculptures. 
Take a look at Hindu for example.  So many gods but what if these were demons in disguises?  Technically not every Alien has peaceful agenda and saw of them has tricked into giving them our power.  We live in a big universe out of which we identify a couple of these aliens but exactly how much is there in a universe that is always expanding.


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