Annunaki & Other ET

A lot of people usually from the African descendant are waking up to the fact that they aren’t from Earth.  Although they refer to themselves as Ahmen without however mentioning the name Annunaki with Ahmen.  Only a very few people know this.  As a matter of fact, since Annunaki come from Planet X which is the 1st oldest planet in existence.  The 1st created by the divine source that would make the West Indies or anybody with ancestors to the Annunaki tribe members of the oldest race.
However, other energic entities have grew alone the Annunaki.  East Indies for example belong to the Plaides star seed tribe.  Besides that, even felines are said to belong to other star systems.  Hence why they had giant cat sculptures. 
Take a look at Hindu for example.  So many gods but what if these were demons in disguises?  Technically not every Alien has peaceful agenda and saw of them has tricked into giving them our power.  We live in a big universe out of which we identify a couple of these aliens but exactly how much is there in a universe that is always expanding.

Prophecy – Just Light

Descendant of the lizard king.     Descendants of the fallen ones
Descendants of the Israelites
Feeling like the chosen one

Fuck Yolo
At a continuous journey
Seeking redemption
Trying get that glory
You live this life
Reincarnating with anx
Hold on you
Challenges that set you thru
I’m like enough dude
Going live with the veils off
Time to live like the higher self
No limits on
Just going full force
Like you a speed racer
So obedient
Like you a speed taker
Acting like Neo
A red pill taker
Fighting for freedom
Like an avenger
All complaints
Goes to my manger
Haters so busy hating
That they forget to enjoy life
They forgot the law of one
They acting like foolish dogs
Like what’s up?


Shout out to reptilians
Shout out to the fallen
Shout out to anybody struggling
Just gotta show them love

The struggle started when you decided to lived from fear
Peace to the all Israelites your freedom coming near
Don’t let the money fool you
These entertainer are crying on the inside
You stick your finger and blaming
These guys are like helpless babies

Have you never seen Spy Kids?
Well the Games like Spy Kids
They’ll mess with you
Making you a puppet
Signing a deals
Like selling your face
0 to 100


Song of Promise- Just Light

You take your money

Shove it up your ass

I’ll burn it to crisps

While I pray across the land

I believe in freedom
I believe in hope
I believe the Israel
Will unite against these joke

This is the promise Song
Of a promise land
With beautiful joy
Ain’t no slave to no alien race
Who believes that fear is power
False evidence appearing real
Never makes a difference
The love of the lord
Always make a difference

So I pray
Not to a customer service representative
In the sky
But to myself
Pray to the vibe all around
The energy all around
Quantum Physics Logic
Everything is energy ya clown
Life is just a dream
Flow by

The brain is nothing without the heart
The heart still beats when thought cease
I speak with the deceased
I rose a holy treat
Make my way through hell
To give you nigga the feast
Don’t worry about the beast
I slayed that monster in the streets
With the Lord’s help

What do you do when all your heroes are fake?
Fuck the fame I just have a message

(Paused repeat)

The truth ain’t always pretty
It’s time to stop living a lie
Focus on love and multiply
If you outnumbered the enemy
Nine to one
You could make a change
In this game of simulation
Running through
Life is just a dream my dude

Toltec Wisdom at it’s best
Gotta run like Sonic man
Gotta run for hope
Never stop keep on going bro
You can fight for change
You can feed the starving man
You can do it bro
You know you got this
Angels got your back
you know you got this


I just have a message
You, son of God
I just have a message
You, daughter of God

Are you not the expression of God?
Are you not the expression of a Goddess?
Are you not the divine itself?

You know you are
So stop fooling around

Creating Your Own Universe 

So hey remember how God created the Earth in 7 days?  What if I said, you had the power to create your own world too.  Using the power of manifestion, in your divine presence of the higher mind and using sacred geometry why you could enter a black hole and create your own world.

As above, as below right.

If the only thing real is your consciousness aka your soul and everything is just part of a simulation.  If life is just a dream then why not?

It could be called Hip Hop World or Trip Hop Fest, Planet of Green People… You get what I’m saying right?  Go have fun.

Matrix and Reincarnation Cycle

Archons trick us into reincarnation over and over when we can explore over places… They wear mask pretending to be white, black, Asian and create unnecessary drama but our job is to show them how to live with love instead of fear.

They try to kill us but while they do that we try our hardest to help them see life at the higher planes

We do so because as we download our higher selves, we have the urge to help which is that 7D vibe which in over word is basically saying our hearts are so big we will stop at nothing until they see the beauty in life.

I Am You; You Are Me

The phrase I Am You; You Are Me has been a big theme of today:  As a star seed hybrid, my ancestors developed with a common family member of the ape family but also the lizard kingdom or Martians as I put it.

Scientists purposes the idea that there used to be a paradise on Mars.  Well not that there was paradise but signs of a nuclear war happened there.  People in the spiritual community have the theory of a paradise in Mars and Martians otherwise known as Archons ruined it with their constant fighting.  

So Step 1 is Archons ruin Mars with the Luciferian Project with and came to Earth during the time of Atlantis and slowly breed with the humans.  More on this later.

I feel like I was there.  I was somehow responsible for this chao.  I’ll talk more on this in the future.  

I also feel like maybe I am Archangel Michael in the higher realm or some part of him is inside of me.  This is still weird.  Even weirder to try to explain.  Really I should just keep this to myself but this is just so cool.

At the end of the day both light and darkness are one.  The Law Of One.  Imagine this.  Jesus is face to face with the most vilest person ever.  Both recite at the same time I Am You; You Are Me.  At the end of the day, regardless of what path we travel, we are all children of God and perhaps we just experiment with both love and fear in both reincarnation to better learn and have fun.

It’s like playing Infamous.  1st round you’re the good guy.  2nd time you’re the bad guy or vice versa.  But hey, I love you regardless of what you do.