Matrix and Reincarnation Cycle

Archons trick us into reincarnation over and over when we can explore over places… They wear mask pretending to be white, black, Asian and create unnecessary drama but our job is to show them how to live with love instead of fear.

They try to kill us but while they do that we try our hardest to help them see life at the higher planes

We do so because as we download our higher selves, we have the urge to help which is that 7D vibe which in over word is basically saying our hearts are so big we will stop at nothing until they see the beauty in life.


I Am You; You Are Me

The phrase I Am You; You Are Me has been a big theme of today:  As a star seed hybrid, my ancestors developed with a common family member of the ape family but also the lizard kingdom or Martians as I put it.

Scientists purposes the idea that there used to be a paradise on Mars.  Well not that there was paradise but signs of a nuclear war happened there.  People in the spiritual community have the theory of a paradise in Mars and Martians otherwise known as Archons ruined it with their constant fighting.  

So Step 1 is Archons ruin Mars with the Luciferian Project with and came to Earth during the time of Atlantis and slowly breed with the humans.  More on this later.

I feel like I was there.  I was somehow responsible for this chao.  I’ll talk more on this in the future.  

I also feel like maybe I am Archangel Michael in the higher realm or some part of him is inside of me.  This is still weird.  Even weirder to try to explain.  Really I should just keep this to myself but this is just so cool.

At the end of the day both light and darkness are one.  The Law Of One.  Imagine this.  Jesus is face to face with the most vilest person ever.  Both recite at the same time I Am You; You Are Me.  At the end of the day, regardless of what path we travel, we are all children of God and perhaps we just experiment with both love and fear in both reincarnation to better learn and have fun.

It’s like playing Infamous.  1st round you’re the good guy.  2nd time you’re the bad guy or vice versa.  But hey, I love you regardless of what you do.

Movie Magic & Spiritually

Lately inspiration seems to be everywhere.  Whether it’s movie like Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Transformers, or Her (which I’ve yet to seen, only heard summaries about) or shows like That’s So Raven which I watched as a kids.  I’m going to share important life lessons from these entertainment movies and shows.

As you know I wrote about Star Wars, but this journey starts with Rise Of The Planet Of The Ape.  With experimentation on animals gone wrong, for the main purpose of finding a cure for Alzheimer when we know Cannabis helps cure it.  Seem kinda strange that we insist on animal testing when we could do further research on Cannabis and why it works.  Nonetheless, in the movie there is an uprising as monkeys break out zoos, laboratory and seek freedom in the wild.

The story doesn’t end there.  No, see, the ape community had to revolt against the police and swat team unit.  All they wanted waa to be free and in their natural habitat.  Is such violence really necessary?

Watching movies like these can be seen as omens.  It’s like someone had a vision and he is showing us these visions.  Perhaps so we can take different decision and avoid such chao.  Almost like That So Raven.   In terms by seeing another person’s vision not only are we having psychic vision but we are reading the mind of other people.  Kinda like in the last Twilight movie also except this ability is transferred through movie magic.

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz around people having robot wives or toys of sexual nature.  While the concept is of no appeal to me, and people say this is a bad idea because of the movie Her, I too once though robots don’t have soul.  I had an arguement where a guy brought up Edwarx Scissorhand.  This movie protrays a robot who seems to display more human kindness and emotions than the jocks character in the movie.

Although bringing in the beloved, Transformer into this article.  Autobots and Decepicons are robotic aliens powered by the spark cube.  A divine source able to give machines life.  In Age Of Extinction a guy attempts to create an army of robots to control by studying the technology of these robots with consciousness.

It’s like the conversation Organic vs GMO.  Or whether you get a real dog or robotic dog.   Although in this case, both are robot, just one type has a soul.  The other is controlled remotely.  Of course Metatron was able to hack into these robotic machine but that’s another topic.

Of course if they do make robot and people decide to go into robot.  Hey, free world right?  Plus people complaining about the world being too populated should be pleased.  Although that is a loud of BS as in a documentary I believe or video, our current production of food if disturbed evenly is enough for everybody on the planet.  Harnassing solar energy and free energy with new technology we have the potential to create 5 times as many food as we currently have.  It’s all about figuring out the right method.

Lastly, we know forgive the lesson.  Treat everyone kindly and in the words of Optimus Prime somethings shouldn’t be mess with.

Kids Shall Inherit The Kingdom Of God

Growing up I was raised a Christian.  During my identity crsis I set out for Wiccan belief, Buddahist, perhaps a time of atheist, so much learning till I came in root with spiritually.  

I came around authors and youtubers who taught what it meant to wake up and be apart of something greater than being a member of the 9 to 5 struggle that is the matrix.  The illusion that we have.  The illusion that we’re going to war to defend our oath to a flag when really we are invading country and causing havoc just for oil and the poppy field in Afghanistan.  Thank you Joe Regan.

I’m talking about youtubers like Infinite Waters, Infinite Pictures, Spirit Science Central, Ryan Cropper, Koi Fresco, Victor Oddo, Higher Self and so much more.  Of course I’m going to represent myself Abundant Smiles.  Then there are the authors Louise Hay, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Dianna Cooper.  However, the biggest stars in this play are the children.

What is the big difference between a kid and an adult?  For one thing, kids aren’t born with hate, kids are pure beauty, they’ll talk to strangers, make silly faces with anyone they see on the train, they don’t discriminate and they are not afraid of danger. 

 The problem is kids do not have a balance of innocence, a concept of responsibility or danger.  There’s nothing wrong with a kids smiling at a stranger, the problem comes when they get an object like a knife thinking it’s another toy.  Kids are smart, it’s up to the watcher or parent to teach them from right and wrong and teach them the different between toy and cooking object.  As well as get those child locks please.

Back to the main theme, why is it that kids shall inherit the kingdom of God? According to my knowledge, Jesus Christ, a son of God, resurrected in the Earth Plane to start a movement of Christ Conscious, unity, service to other, and world peace.  He didn’t come to spread a new religion rather a movement of love.  He recorded his life experience and teachings here and there but he himself wasn’t a Christian.  He was a Buddhist.  If you search Koi Fresco he has a video explaining the connection between Jesus Christ and Buddhism.

Also what it is that one can learn from Buddhism?  Enjoy the simple things, don’t take life too seriously, lose the ego sense of I and gain peace, a path of peace, have unconditional love, forgive them for they know not what they did wrong.  Wait that last one is from Christianity.  Check the video down below.

That’s nice but what does this have to do with kids.  Kids are born with the ability to hate.  They cry when their hungry.  They have the ability to touch, feel, taste.  They developed seeing over time.  They hear very well.  Smell is another basic one but kids are born with a sense of love.  Kids already know what love is.  Babies already know what love is.  If it wasn’t for love they wouldn’t even be here.

It isn’t until the conditioning happens.  See some patterns try to instill fear in their kids.  I guess the parents want control, which is an illusion, you can’t control something that isn’t you.  The only control one should focus is self control.

Kids are born free.  Take them to the park and let them play.  Let them play tag or whatever fancies their soul.  Don’t place a TV that’s going to riot their brain and place images in their head.  A portion of innocence ought to be preserved.  That is the child like wonder I wrote in one of my earliest entry to this blog.

There are certain things the adult parent does which harms that innocence and then instead of love the kids are in fear.  At some point the kids don’t act like free willed kids no more they acted like obedient puppies afraid of getting a shock buzz from that shock collar.  At that point the kids becomes a slave, train to behave in such matters.  They become like you and ironically I always taught that parents would want their kids to be more, to achieve more than they did.

Please, I ask you to let the kids be kids.  Teach them the basic, secure certain areas perhaps with a childlock and reserve a room to be known as the child’s playroom, let them learn, let them grow, and learn from them what it is that you forgot.  For the children shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.  With their focus on love and innocene.  To protect them are Earth Warriors, Guardian Of The Galaxies, Jedi Knights, Buddhist Monks, regardless of the name of the identification all are warriors of love.

Path of Love or Fear

I was tempted to post another poem but I really want to focus more on article type writing.  I will continue to post poems but for today let’s reflect on Star Wars.

In a galaxy far far away, society is divided by warriors of Love and of Fear.  The warrior of Love called themselve Jedi Knights and those in Fear were known as the Sith.  These oplosing forces clashed many times.  However, this article is about Anakin Skywalker who would later become Darth Vader. 

 Seeing as how this article is inspired by a text message some background information.  My own mother worries a lot.  She says I don’t worry at all.  In summary, I told her that I live in the love energy and choose love all the time. Backing my belief is my knowledge of the spirtual laws and Quantum Physics.  She then tells me to be humble.  That we were made from dust and we will leave as dust.  My response to that is that yes we are all star dust and stardust is simply energy as it is the key essence of everything in existence.

I then summarize the story of how a Jedi Knight turned to the dark side.  I quote, “Remember how Anakin was worried because something might happen to his wife, he joined the dark side and end up killing his wife.  By making a decision based on fear, he started a chain reaction hurting everybody in the process.”  

I then texted Stop Worrying.  This is my story for today.  I hope you enjoy and blessed be.

Much 2Learn – Just Light

I used to love you
Now I can’t stand you rappers
East Coast, West Coast
Makes no difference if it’s red or blue
Just a shade of life
A spark of that divine
Stop acting like thugs
Be a god in this time

All rise

They saying we should all die
Show them we can all fly
Preach like Brother Ali
Be conscious
Are you a serpent?
Or a Jaguar?
Also I hate to destroy ancient belief
But the dogma has to be seen for the release
You can never be a Eagle
Never be a master
There’s always​ more to learn
So pick up the chapter

You call a shelter a home
In your true home is where you litter
You could vandalize a building
But never vandalize a tree
They are great beings
Which give oxygen to breathe
They are conscious too
So show respect please

So much disorder is all I see
Put the gun down
Let’s make peace
Give thanks before you chow down
It’s 2017
Act like a human being

Instead of drinking poison
Drink some distilled water
60 or 80 regardless of what
Percentage you are mostly water
To hell with Gatorade
Expensive alcohol
All these fancy illusions
So much options for choosing
Tropicana conspiracy
Flavored water with unatural sugar
Kid’s better off eating his own booger
Like a 5 year old
Where did the innocence go?

Working in the rat race
Instead of having fun
You have much to learn