Faith Before Logic

Sometime it’s pays to have faith before logic my friends.   What compels me to say this?

Long ago, I had a fatal near death experience.   The doctors said I would never walk again after falling out of a window when I was a minor and yet here I am 21 of age not only walking but studying metaphysics, freely expressing myself to my heart’s desire and deeply invested in my dreams.  Not only did I survive a near death experience I was able to live my live and do what I desire which not a lot of people, dead or alive, got to achieved.   Like the tattoo on my wrist says.  I Am Blessed.

I once knew a couple who was told by the doctors that they couldn’t have another baby and yet despite that, they were able to have another baby girl who is one of the most precious soul on this Earth.

He who thinks he can & he who think he can’t are both right.  One has their faith in success; the other failure and they end up where they focus their thoughts on. 

Another example is confedience.  If you were a philosopher teacher or just very wise in general it would be very hard for you to share your wisdom with the world if you lack confedience.  You need that inner determination prior to wowing the stage with your knowledge.

Dear beloved, next time you are confronted with a challenge. Think  I Can.  I Am Healing.  I Will.  Have the desire and faith to keep on going.  Have faith on others that they will do the right thing.  Faith is what inspires people.  Faith can overcome the impossible.
Your beloved

Luke Daniel Light