Encounter With A Friendly Ghost

The following is my encounter with a friendly ghost on February 16, 2017 around  11pm. The Veil of Illusion is certainly disappearing.

There I was with an individual who for privacy will remain unnamed when a electronic device went off by itself.  Nobody was pressing the button yet the device kept going off.

Eventually we had a mini conversation going on.

Machine goes off
U: I’m scared.
Machine goes off
Me: Relax.  If it’s a ghost, it’s probably a 7 year old girl ghost.  (Intuition guess)
Machine goes off

Mind you the machine is a baby toy phone.  Long story short I played around with a ghost.  Person unknown was scarred the hold time so I was like alright time to get rid of this ghost.

I invoke Archangel Michael and request that he lead the spirit.  After that I was still spoked, so when I went to the room to the kitchen as I was walking I started clapping my hands as it’s effective in clearing and protecting from negative  as well as raising your vibration.  The rest of my night was just simple dreaming.


Helping Souls

Some of us aren’t happy with several interactions we have.  Say it’s a bully or a really annoying person.  At one side of the coin they are just that; bullys and harassing souls.  However, a deeper insight and we can all testisify that these are helping souls.

Herr is my perspective.  You grow during dark moments, challenging moments because it brings out the warrior within you.  Similar to big event that bring big chances to your life, interaction with these souls while challenging will help you grow as you discover new approach to handle the problem and new skills that will help you better assume the role of a neutral observer.

Think of it this way.  Are you the type of person who never seens to get a break.  One bad moment after another.  You could let those experience get you and get mad or emotional.  You can also take the higher road which lessens the pain you experience.  You do this by becoming a neutral observer.

Don’t get too emotionally attached to things.   You just won a car.  Great.  You just lost lost a car.  Oh well.  However, by being a neutral observer you don’t get too attached.  Sure, you can enjoy the good moment however when bad moments come they don’t have such a negative drain on you.  Life goes on.

It’s all about witnessing something and not getting drained emotionally.  Surrounded by people fighting? Don’t invest too much into it.  In your safe space, just observe and tell yourself these things happen.

That’s why some souls are here to help us learn.  They push us and push us to the point where we either lose and fuss or decide I AM a winner not a victim and I will rise despite you attempting to drag me down.

These souls with role of bullys or harassing individuals they push you to the point you either break down or step up.  In that way, they are indeed helping souls.  They are teachers too.  

(This article isn’t just limited to bullys but twin flames and soul mates as well.  After all, those relationships can be challenging too.)

With Love and Light

New Years & New Vibe

A lot of people celebrate new years on 1/1.  The Chinese celebrate new years on 1/28. Although in terms of momentum and energy cycle shifting from one thing to another the vibe of a new years doesn’t begin till around 3/27.

Let me explain myself and, while I’m at it, attempt to reconstruct the idea of time for you.  Diving deep into the illusion of time, events such as new years are strange in that instead of this united moment between nations,  the Chinese celebrate it four weeks after everybody else.  Then in terms of theme, the theme or momentum in January and February is not so different than of December of the last year so let’s discuss.
If time were a creature, it would be the pheonix with a yearly cycle of three months in labor followed by nine months in action.  We still have that 2016 vibe hanging over us.  It will continue to be with us until March 27 when 2016 vibe bursts into ashes and gives birth to the 2017 vibe.

It’s especially an exciting seen the vibe of 2017 will be the beginning of a beautiful phase as we approach the Golden years.  When the seeds for New Earth and Heaven on Earth to manifest shall be on 27th of March and to take a 19 month completion, we are witnessing some great times ahead.

With Love & Light,                                            Luke Daniel Light

Faith Before Logic

Sometime it’s pays to have faith before logic my friends.   What compels me to say this?

Long ago, I had a fatal near death experience.   The doctors said I would never walk again after falling out of a window when I was a minor and yet here I am 21 of age not only walking but studying metaphysics, freely expressing myself to my heart’s desire and deeply invested in my dreams.  Not only did I survive a near death experience I was able to live my live and do what I desire which not a lot of people, dead or alive, got to achieved.   Like the tattoo on my wrist says.  I Am Blessed.

I once knew a couple who was told by the doctors that they couldn’t have another baby and yet despite that, they were able to have another baby girl who is one of the most precious soul on this Earth.

He who thinks he can & he who think he can’t are both right.  One has their faith in success; the other failure and they end up where they focus their thoughts on. 

Another example is confedience.  If you were a philosopher teacher or just very wise in general it would be very hard for you to share your wisdom with the world if you lack confedience.  You need that inner determination prior to wowing the stage with your knowledge.

Dear beloved, next time you are confronted with a challenge. Think  I Can.  I Am Healing.  I Will.  Have the desire and faith to keep on going.  Have faith on others that they will do the right thing.  Faith is what inspires people.  Faith can overcome the impossible.
Your beloved

Luke Daniel Light